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BLÜCHER® Drain Roof encompasses stainless steel roof drains and accessories. In combination with the BLÜCHER® EuroPipe stainless steel push-fit pipework system, BLÜCHER® Drain Roof makes up a complete stainless steel roof drainage system. The system can be used for all types of flat roofs with bitumen or single-ply roof membrane, and is equally suitable for gravity and vacuum or siphonic systems.


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Our siphonic roof drainage system is the cost-effective and reliable solution that removes substantial water volumes with fewer drains

The BLÜCHER® EuroPipe stainless steel drainage pipework system is an integrated part of the siphonic roof drainage system.


Thanks to the stability of the stainless steel piping, additional support rails and brackets are not necessary. The minimal number of components not only makes the installation of the system the easiest and fastest in the market, but it also makes it the siphonic drainage system with lowest total weight.

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BLÜCHER® pipework system for rainwater gravity systems

The BLÜCHER® EuroPipe system is the natural choice for gravity rainwater systems. As outside downpipe it is visually pleasing, it has a long lifetime, and when applied as piping system within buildings large flow can be combined with low sound level.

With this solution the stainless steel surface can be considered part of the architectural impression of the building’s interior.


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Green roof drainage is meant to drain the layer of soil on the roof

Green roofs enjoy great popularity for making cities greener, cooler and healthier. Not least, the water buffering in plants and soil reduces the peak load on the sewage system – unless the rain loads are so heavy that plants and soil cannot absorb any more water.

If the green roof does not have a controlled water retention system, the excess rainwater will flow unrestrictedly into the public sewage system. However, the right roof drains can retain water in case of heavy rain, thus reducing the load on the sewage system within the roof drain regulations.

When installing the drain the perforated part is wrapped in geo-textile to keep the soil away from the drainage system.

BLÜCHER® offers a full range of drainage solutions in stainless steel for green roofs.

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Balcony Drainage designed specifically to keep your balcony dry

BLÜCHER offers a wide range of balcony drains designed for specific balcony types.

BLÜCHER® EuroPipe is the preferred solution for downpipes from balconies. The stainless steel surface adds an elegant touch to the building design. Furthermore, stainless steel is resistant to impacts from the surroundings such as sun, weather and physical stress.

This area often needs custom-made solutions, and we are ready to help you. Please contact BLÜCHER to get the right solution for your project.


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Parking - Roof drainage

Stainless steel drainage solutions for multi-storey car parks

Multi-storey carpark or underground parking facilities should contain only non-combustible installations, e.g. stainless steel rainwater drains and drainage pipework. In multi-storey car parks fire safety is important because cars filled with gasoline are highly flammable. Because of its low weight, A1 fire rating, and ease of assembly BLÜCHER stainless steel push-fit piping is the preferred system for carparks around the world.

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This area often needs custom-made solutions, but we are ready to help you. Please contact BLÜCHER to get the right solution for your project.


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Connected Roof Drains Concept

Minimize the risks of damage on buildings and interiors with the NEW Connected Roof drains concept with wireless monitoring.

The system immediately alerts you on potential risks e.g. if drains are clogged.


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Are You Consultant or Architect?

A stainless steel roof draining solution from us is designed to make your next quality project a breeze. You will experience good technical support that ensures easy and fast installation for a sustainable roof solution, and you do achieve a high-quality drainage system for the same price as plastic or cast iron solutions.


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Are You Installer?

No system gives you faster and easier installation than the BLÜCHER roof drainage systems in stainless steel.

Just cut - push - fit and move on.


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Are You Building Owner?

The stainless steel roof drainage solution is a sustainable, fire resistant and cost saving solution.

It is a visual pleasing and weatherproof system that will keep you and your building safe for many decades to come.


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Maximum Performance with Minimum Maintenance

The stainless steel roof drainage system is capable of resisting impacts, corrosion, and fire, and it requires minimal maintenance. The smooth inside surface of the stainless steel ensures excellent self-cleaning properties and high flow capacity while preventing blockages.


Here to Help from Start to Finish

We can help you develop and design the ideal roof drainage system for your application. Request a flow calculation to define the complete system of drains, pipes, fittings, and accessories.

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BLÜCHER® EuroPipe - A Durable and Labour-saving Solution

The BLÜCHER® Drain Roof range is easily connected to the BLÜCHER® EuroPipe pipework system - offering you a safe and complete roof drainage system.


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Case: Cost-efficient Installation of Siphonic Roof Drainage System

Jess Mørk, Co-owner at Dansk VVS & Klima A/S, tells why they have chosen a siphonic roof drainage system in stainless steel instead of a plastic system.


Installation time was reduced with at least 50 %.

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