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Pipes & Fittings


Q: Where can I use a saddle clamp (boss branch connection)?

A: The BLÜCHER saddle clamps only have approval to be used on cast iron pipework.

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Q: What is the maximum suspension distance for BLÜCHER® EuroPipe?

A: 3m – both horizontal and vertical.


Q: Can I replace a sealing ring in the pipework socket?

A: Yes, BLÜCHER can offer replacement sealing rings for sizes from Ø32 up to Ø315. Product Model Number: 801.EPDM.XXX (add size in mm for the last three).

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Q: What pressure can BLÜCHER® EuroPipe systems hold up to?

A: See table below:

Floor Drains and Channels


Q: Can I order a channel with an overall length greater than the product range shows?

A: BLÜCHER can offer a range of channels with lengths adjusted to suit the customer requirements. It should be noted however that once a product has been adjusted it may fall outside the parameters of a specific approval and standard.


Q: Can you install a BLÜCHER floor drain within a Conteco concrete floor?

A: According to the Conteco site fittings with a vinyl floor clamping rings are recommended (www.conteco.dk/faq/ ). All floor drain installations should follow the installation guidance from the floor materials manufacturer.


Q: Are there alternative drain options for different floor finishes?

A:Yes, BLÜCHER offer alternative ‘Upper Parts’ for different floor finishes that can fit into a low part body of a drain. Reference should be made to each installation instruction.


Q: If the floor drain is set too low, can I fit an extended piece?

A: The 2 parts domestic drains (series 100 and 200) can be extended if the drain is set too low.

1. The upper part can typical be height adjusted 30 mm as default.

2. If this is not enough the upper part can be replaced with an extended piece:

- Square: 110.300.001 (Without support ring for water trap)

- Square: 150.300.001 (With support ring for water trap)

- Circle: 210.300.001 (Without support ring for water trap)

- Circle: 250.300.001 (With support ring for water trap)

Please notice:

- Drains with side inlet, must have the extended upper part spigot cut down in length so it does not hinder the flow from side inlets.

- Extended upper parts do not have the grating included.

- 001.000.001: Tab bending tool to remove lock pins so default upper part can be removed from lower part.


The 3 parts domestic drains (series 300) can have the membrane flange extended if the drain is set too low.

1. The membrane flange can typical be height adjusted 15 mm as default.

2. If this is not enough the membrane flange can be replaced with an extended piece:

- Membrane flange: 326.300.001

Please notice:

- Drains with side inlet, must have the extended membrane flange spigot cut down, so it does not hinder the flow from side inlets.

- 001.000.001: Tab bending tool to remove lock pins so default membrane flange can be removed from lower part.

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Q: I have foul smells escaping from my floor drain, what can I do?

A: Firstly, remove the grating and check the water seal trap and ensure it is correctly installed and free from debris. If this is ok then check the water seal itself to be sure it is still primed and filled with water. Top up the water level if required. If the floor drain is not in regular receipt of waste water then the water seal is drying out. This will need regular topping up or alternatively BLÜCHER can offer a trap with a gas seal membrane (Ø110-503.001.110/Ø160-563.002.000).

Learn more: Removable water trap (503.001.110)Removable water trap (563.002.000)


Q: Are BLÜCHER blanking plate covers gas tight?

A: BLÜCHER offers some blanking plates with a gas tight seal specifically for industrial application, but for those without a seal BLÜCHER suggests a plug installed directly below the cover be included to ensure a gas tight solution. These same plugs can be used in equivalent sized floor drains. Please check the item specification to see which option you have selected.

Learn more: Gastight blank plate CIRCLE (790.173.000.07 S)Plug-drain


Q: Can I have a hygienic drainage solution for my floor drainage?

A: BLÜCHER offers the HygienicPro range with floor drains and channels designed to reduce the possibility of bacteria colonisation within the floor fitting. Options range from our Ø110 floor drain up to a 10 meter long channel, each with consideration for EHEDG* within their designs.

*European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group



Marine Drainage


Q: Are the marine penetrations fire approved?

A: Yes, all BLÜCHER standard penetrations (pipes and drains) are fire tested and approved for A0-A60. Please find a specific approval on our website (search for the product and all approvals related to the product are shown).

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Q: How to insulate the BLÜCHER penetrations.

A: The certificates are accompanied by two appendices - one shows how much insulation required for the different fire classes and the other appendix shows which products are covered by the approval.


Q: How to weld the BLÜCHER penetrations into the steel structure:

A: All welding work to be carried out by suitably competent personnel and to be closely supervised to ensure satisfactory results. BLÜCHER recommends considering the welding power input to avoid heavy heat zones inside the pipe penetration. Sleeved penetrations can be welded throughout the entire length of the sleeve which gives some flexibility and high adjustment. Flanged penetrations can be welded to the deck/bulkhead in different ways: Either the flange is welded to the top of the deck or it is welded in level with the deck, or the flange is welded under the deck.


Q: Stainless steel for marine applications 

A: BLÜCHER normally recommends the use of AISI 316L because the risk of corrosion, caused by an aggressive environment, this is significantly reduced or eliminated entirely by choosing the molybdenum stainless steel type AISI 316L. However, AISI 304 may be used for installations that are not exposed to either seawater or aggressive chemicals. In some products, in which part components are used that are not exposed to sewage water and consequently not affecting the functionality or lifetime of the product, these part components may be made from other materials or alloys than specified for the complete products.



Roof Drainage


Q: What is the minimum roof area space required for a siphonic system?

A: BLÜCHER recommend a minimum roof area of 170m² but would be able to offer a more accurate figure following an assessment of the building and roof area(s).





Q: Are all BLÜCHER products made from an approved and certified material?

A: All raw materials (304 & 316L Stainless Steel) used for the production of BLÜCHER stainless steel products have been certified by an independent authority with each coil being validated with a 3.1 Certificate. Note, a specific product cannot be aligned to an exact coil of raw materials, but all products have been produced using a certified coil of raw material.


Q: What are your standard sealing rings made from, and where can they be used?

A: EPDM sealing rings are tested under the Standard EN 681-1 Table 4 type WG: Cold non-potable water supply, drainage, sewerage and rainwater pipes (continuous flow up to 45° C and intermittent flow up to 95° C) with oil resistance. For longer and higher temperature exposure the FPM/FKM sealing ring should be used (range -20°C to +200°C).

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Q: Are the BLÜCHER sealing rings oil resistant?

A: For oil resistant sealing rings BLÜCHER can offer the NBR seal which is identifiable by a single yellow dot on a black seal.

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Q: Where am I able to locate copies of all the documents/certificates for approved BLÜCHER products?

A: You can find all our latest set of product approval certificates by clicking here.



Q: Where can I find the product specification sheets?

A: If you know the product number you are looking to specify you can search this item within the BLÜCHER website search bar. Once you have navigated your way to this page, scroll down approximately halfway where there is the sub-heading Download. Along with other downloadable literature you should find the specification sheet.

Alternatively, you can click on the Customer Support at the top of the home page. Directly below page title you will find the Quick Help links.


Q: What standards do our products align to?

A: BLÜCHER® EuroPipe EN 1124 and Drains EN 1253.


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