BLÜCHER® Aids German Warehouse Expansion

BLÜCHER complete stainless steel roof drainage system for a large food market logistic center and warehouse

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Manufacturing & Industrial


Product(s) Installed:


A large food market


Landsberg/Saalekreis, Germany


Needed roof drainage solution for substantial logistic center and warehouse expansion

What Client Needed

Roof drainage that can work as a siphonic (vacuum) system for fewer roof penetrations and faster draining of water from the roof.


BLÜCHER siphonic roof drainage system, which requires fewer roof drains that can be connected to one pipe string in a smaller diameter.

Result (ROI)

Stainless steel offers little to no corrosion while BLÜCHER® EuroPipe relieved assembly and labour hours due to low weight when compare with other systems.

Sales Representative

Bernd Dieter Euschen, Manager Director, BLÜCHER, Germany