Keep Your Drains Clean with HygienicClean™


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Recent years have seen an increased focus on food safety, with some of the more public cases resulting in recalled products and production freezes until bacteria has been eliminated. Not only have these manufacturers faced very high costs, but they also risk severe damage to their reputation.


That's why we developed HygienicClean™ with our colleagues from SystemCleaners - our new stainless steel hygienic channel and grating washer was designed for the drainage system with professional food and beverage safety specifically in mind. HygienicClean™ connects directly to your existing cleaning satellites and pumps for ease of use and fits the working height of any person to ensure a healthy working environment.

Ensure Safe Food Production

  • Keeps both channels and gratings sparkling
  • Cleaning is controlled to stop bacteria from spreading to the food production area
  • Special nozzles ensure correct direction and pressure of water and soap

Save Time & Water

  • Channel and grating cleaned in one and the same process
  • HygienicClean™ is designed specifically for HygienicPro®
  • Special nozzles ensure correct amount of water