BLÜCHER Introduces High-Quality Stainless Steel Ball Valves for Marine Applications


ONE System from ONE Supplier


BLÜCHER has just launched a new addition to our marine standard product range: the BLÜCHER® Ball Valve. Designed to enhance operational efficiency aboard all types of vessels, these ball valves are made from durable stainless steel (316/CF8M) and are suitable for a wide range of marine needs.


Flexible and Reliable

The BLÜCHER® Ball Valve is engineered to selectively isolate sections of piping systems on vessels, making it suitable for applications such as black water systems, grey water systems, and food waste systems. Its flexibility extends to compatibility with both vacuum- and gravity-based systems, ensuring seamless integration into existing setups.

Features Designed for Ease

One of the standout features of the BLÜCHER® Ball Valve is its simplicity in installation. Equipped with spigot ends for easy BLÜCHER® EuroPipe push-fit jointing, these valves facilitate quick and straightforward installation without the need for additional adapters or flanges. This not only saves time during installation but also minimizes potential points of failure in the installation process.

Superior Construction

Built to endure harsh marine environments, the stainless steel construction of the ball valves guarantees longevity and resilience. The 3-piece design allows for easy disassembly when maintenance is required, ensuring minimal downtime and operational disruption.

Specifications and Availability

Available in sizes ranging from DN40 to DN100 (Ø40 – Ø110 mm), these ball valves can accommodate a wide spectrum of piping requirements. They operate reliably within a temperature range of -25°C to +180°C, suitable for various climate conditions encountered at sea.


Why Choose BLÜCHER® Ball Valves?

  • Comprehensive Application: Ideal for both black water systems, grey water systems, and food waste systems.
  • Robust Build: Made from high-grade stainless steel (316/CF8M) for durability.
  • Easy Installation: Simplified set up with spigot ends for push-fit jointing.
  • Integrated Compatibility: Direct connection to BLÜCHER sockets eliminates the need for additional adaptors or flanges.
  • Maintenance Made Simple: 3-piece design allows for easy disassembly and servicing.
  • Secure Operations: Option to lock the valve ensures flexible and safe operation.
  • Supplier Assurance: One complete system from one trusted supplier, ensuring seamless integration and service.


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