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BLÜCHER for Your Commercial Needs Around the World

From industrial drains and shower drains to channels, pipes, fittings and everything in between. You'll find BLÜCHER anywhere hygiene and corrosion resistance are paramount.

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BLÜCHER provides drainage solutions for any type of commercial construction from hospitals, sports arenas, schools, hotels, and restaurants to shopping centers, airports, and many more.

The push-fit pipework system, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe is easy to install and cut. Lightweight, hygienic, and chemical-resistant, it can be used in prefabrication off-site. In addition to providing a long-term guarantee of performance, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe significantly reduces installation time and costs, making BLÜCHER® EuroPipe ideal for large-scale building projects.

We also offer both light and heavy-duty drains supplemented by several options such as water traps, filters, membrane flanges, gratings, and side inlets to satisfy any drainage need. With the water trap removed, the drains provide full bore rodding access. For areas where hygiene is essential, we would recommend the patented HygienicPro® grating.

A standard range of drainage channel and kitchen channel designs are available in various sizes for kitchen areas and wet rooms. They may also be produced to client specification. The selection of products for commercial applications is completed by BLÜCHER’s range of roof drains for gravity and vacuum / siphonic roof drainage systems which provide an effective solution for flat roofs.