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Do you really know the performance of your roof? If your drains are clogged? Or if you have water ponding?


With BLÜCHER Connected Roof you can minimize risk of damage to constructions, production, warehouse, commercial sites or stock facilities and at the same time increases lifetime of the roof.

Easy installation of the wireless Monitor allows Connected Roof to detect water levels and temperatures across the rooftop and immediately alert you as soon as drain clogging, or other performance problems occur – allowing for increased safety, more predictable maintenance and reduced maintenance costs.

Connected Roof can be installed as a stand-alone system or be integrated with your Building Management Systems (BMS) which allows an easy overview of your facilities.


Connected Roof Advantages:

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Connected Roof Case: Proshop

Proshop, one of the biggest suppliers of gadgets in Northern Europe, has built a new 16.000 square meter warehouse with BLÜCHER Connected Roof to prevent water damage. This is much cheaper than water damages, production stops and reconstruction of the roof.

Ivan Jæger Christiansen
As a big player in Europe within online retail, our customers rely on our fast service. Therefore, we can’t afford any breakdown in our stock facilities, due to unpleasant water exposure. Connected Roof keeps an eye on our building's 5th facade so we can focus on our core business instead.

Connected Roof - How Does It Work?

Do you know the performance of your Roof?

Minimize the risks of damage on buildings and interiors with the NEW Connected Roof drains concept with wireless monitoring.

The system immediately alerts you on potential risks e.g. if drains are clogged.


  • Avoid water ponding
  • Avoid water penetration
  • Save maintenance costs

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How to install Connected Roof

Connected Roof - Gateway

Connected Roof Quick Guide - Gateway

Easy installation of the gateway with this illustrative quick guide.

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Download latest Gateway release note 1.0.66

Connected Roof - Monitor

Connected Roof Quick Guide - Monitor

Easy installation of the monitor with this illustrative quick guide.

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1366x768_connectet_roof_Installation instruction

Complete Installation Instruction

All you need to know about Connected Roof with detailed information about installation, daily use and maintenance.

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