BLÜCHER and UN Sustainable Development Goals

17 goals for sustainable development (EN)

The UN Sustainable Development Goals involve the entire world, and the aim is for everyone to contribute, wherever possible.

For BLÜCHER as a brand and as part of a larger group, it is therefore vital that we continue to contribute to attainment of these goals, as we are doing.


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure:

Our stainless steel products are very durable, while retaining both their appearance and performance, despite the stresses caused by external elements. As a result, they contribute to modern infrastructure and a more sustainable industry.


Responsible Consumption and Production:

The recycling rate for stainless steel is very high. In fact, right up to 100% recycling. Stainless steel is also the most reused material at a global level. As a result, our products are naturally part of the circular economy.


Climate Action:

Stainless steel has a very low carbon footprint, as the material only weighs a third of a corresponding product made from traditional materials. Stainless steel is also free from chemicals and harmful substances.

Watts 2022 Sustainability Report

Watts' Sustainability Report 2022

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Watts Sustainability Report 2021 Document

Watts' Sustainability Report 2021

We are doing everything we can to make it possible for our employees, customers and partners within innovation, development and manufacture of water technologies, systems and solutions which protect our natural resources.

- Because water is important.