Hennig Olsen Is

Hygiene and quality where essential factors for the new ice cream production facilities in Norway


Hennig-Olsen Is is the oldest manufacturer of ice cream in Scandinavia. They refer to themselves as «The crème de la crème of Norwegian ice cream», and with all rights; this year in 2024, they celebrate 100 years in business. Each year they produce about 32 million litres of ice cream and frozen desserts in their factory in Hannevika in Kristiansand. 

Hygiene and function, and quality over time, are all essential factors for Hennig-Olsen Is, also in their newest production facilities in Hannevika.

The new facilities needed to accommodate the company’s own production of chocolate, topping, sauces and other products related to desserts. Thanks to a cooperation in the early stage of the process, choosing a stainless steel drainage system was easy. For the areas in the production where hygiene is most crucial, HygienicPro channels were installed along with BLÜCHER® EuroPipe stainless steel piping system.



What the Client Needed

Channels and floor drains with an extra high hygiene profile, quality solutions strong enough for traffic of small trucks, and last but not least – floor channels equipped with large capacities in the filter- and outlet baskets. Plus – channels that needed to work with the desired choice of flooring which was a liquid epoxy floor.




BLÜCHERs patented solutions for channels and gratings were delivered, along with BLÜCHERs piping system. This included:

  • Channels in different lengths with outlet boxes placed and sized accordingly to the plant production layout.
  • Hygiene gratings in the channels and drains especially adapted to hygiene requirements.
  • Large outlet boxes and filter baskets with high capacities to minimize downtime for operation and maintenance.
  • BLÜCHER® EuroPipe drainage pipes below the ground and throughout the production facilities for optimum hygiene plus easy installation..



Result (ROI)

«We are very satisfied with the chosen solutions in terms of capacities and functions», says staff at Hennig-Olsen Is.



Egeland Rør AS and Brødrene Dahl.



Hennig Olsen Is


Hannevika - Kristiansand, Norway


Drainage (Land)


Food Production

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Hennig Olsen Is
We are very satisfied with the chosen solutions in terms of capacities and functions