GRATING LINE TOKYO 800 - (697.009.080)

Part Of the Series: Grating-Shower channel

Type no.: 697.009.080

EAN no.: 5705499127003

VVS no.: 155076108

RSK no.: 7121997

NRF no.: 3394723

LVI no.: 3304466

Size: 50x800

Product Specification
Field of Application Domestic
Load Class EN1253 K3
Load Class EN1253 (kg) K3
Load class EN1253(lbs) K3
Material AISI 304
Material (EN) EN 1.4301
Max Flow (l/s) 0.8
Number of Screws 0
Size (Inch) 2x31½
Size (mm) 50x800
Weight (kg) 0,60
Weight (lbs) 1,32