The expansion of a distillery is beginning to take shape

Stauning Danish Whisky is currently constructing brand new buildings and expanding the production area to more than 4000 m2 in total.

It will be a distillery never seen in the whisky world both inside and outside and it will definitely be worth a visit.

For this project, BLÜCHER has delivered our channels, which is being installed by Bork-Hemmet Smede & VVS.

BLÜCHER® Channel is made of stainless steel because:


  • it has a long life-time
  • is hygienic
  • it is fire resistant
  • it is gentle for the environment


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If you would like to know more about the project, please contact our Technical Sales Consultant Lars Andersen.


Read more about Stauning Danish Whisky.


Project Facts:

Developer: Stauning Whisky A / S

Architect: LOOP Architects

Engineer: Midtconsult

Plumbing: Bork-Hemmet Smede & VVS

Products: BLÜCHER® Channel

Construction period: 2017-2018

Location: Skjern, Denmark

Roof drains

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