New drains for parking structures

Specifically designed drains for elevated parking decks

These drains and channels for precast or cast-in-place parking structures are unique in their special construction as they meet the requirements of following challenges presented in elevated parking decks:


  • Drain penetrations can impact a deck’s structural integrity.
  • Above-ground parking structures are susceptible to freezing and thawing, vibration and wind movement.
  • Improperly specified drains can separate from the concrete or experience leaks.


With the launch of this new product range for parking decks we now offer a solution for each type of parking deck construction: precast and cast-in-place.


Drains for cast-in-place parking decks:

  • Extended frames securely anchor the drains for the pour.
  • Shallow profiles reduce structural impact.
  • Anti-ponding design accommodates any cast-in-place specification.
  • This drain is available in cast iron or all aluminum construction.

Drains for precast parking decks:

  • Unique flanged channel installs in precast penetrations.
  • A wide structural flange marries the drain with the precast slab.


To find more information about this solution visit the website of Watts: go.Watts.com/Hero

Roof drains

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