Case: Saeby Fish Canners renovates their factory

In recent years at Saeby Fish Canners Ltd, there has been focus on the implementation of significant energy innovations. New technology has reduced water consumption by 25 percent and energy consumption is reduced by 15 percent.


As always in the food industry, they have also focus on food safety, and in their recent renovation process of the factory, they have therefore chosen to install BLÜCHER's HygienicPro® drainage channels.

This solution is ideal for the food industry, as the channels are easy to clean, giving optimal flow and furthermore reducing the risk of production shutdown.

In order to meet all of Saeby Fish Canners needs, BLÜCHER® WaterLine for vinyl floors has also been installed. WaterLine vinyl shower channels are designed to fit the vinyl smoothly and safely around the drain.


"We are extremely pleased with the solution provided by BLÜCHER as it meets all our expectations of hygienic design and flow capacity requirements." Says Kent Christiansen, Technical Manager at Saeby Fish Canners.


The unique thing about Saeby Fish Canners

As the only one in the world, Saeby Fish Canners uses a completely unique freezing process, which makes it possible to ensure traceability on the individual mackerel and they can get the skin of the fish without use of any chemicals.

Saeby Fish Canners Ltd. is the only supplier of canned mackerel produced in Denmark. On an annual basis, between 97-105 million cans are produced, of which about 85 % are exported to supermarket chains in Europe.

They have continuously invested in the factory since the early 1980s, where they chose to specialize exclusively in mackerel preserves.


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Project facts:

Main contractor: NCC Denmark

Subcontractor: PNP Entreprenør ApS

Engineer: Niras Aalborg

Plumbing: Bravida Danmark

Products: BLÜCHER HygienicPro®, BLÜCHER® WaterLine (vinyl)

Construction period: 2015/2016

Geography: Sæby, Denmark

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