Better hygiene with less water

The trend in the food industry is using less water while maintaining a high level of hygiene. BLÜCHER has developed HygienicPro, which is adapted to the new demands of the industry.

BLÜCHER designed HygienicPro to provide an efficient flow with less water. Even with little water, the channel maintains a high level of self-cleaning and prevents bacterial growth. The slope of the sides and the bottom contribute to the performance as well as the self-cleaning properties of the channel. The channel’s profile and design mean that it reduces the risk of water on the floor in production areas. 

No corner welding combined with the smooth surfaces ensure that the water resistance is minimal and that solid waste flows to the filter basket for safe and easy removal. The efficient transportation of water to the outlet keeps the channel empty and clean even during minimal water flow.

Water conservation is a set target for the food industry. Cleaning the production area, including the drainage channels, is one of the processes that require large amounts of water. HygienicPro plays an active part in reducing the amount of water needed. Thanks to the high flow capacity, you need less water to clean the channel. 

Want to see HygienicPro in action? See this short video from CFIA in Rennes.

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