BLÜCHER’s history

The story about BLÜCHER started in 1965 when plumber Johannes Blücher Skibild realized there was a need for a stylish floor drain grating in the bathroom. So he and his wife Gerda began producing gratings out of their barn.

Today, BLÜCHER is part of the global group Watts Water Technologies, Inc (NYSE: WTS), and BLÜCHER is a leading producer of stainless steel drainage systems. The products are used across the world and the production has long been moved from the barn to BLÜCHER’s factory in Vildbjerg in western Denmark.

Below you can find a list of key events in BLÜCHER's history.


BLÜCHER opens sales office in Italy.

BLÜCHER launches HygienicPro, a range of hygienic channels and drains for the food industry.

BLÜCHER celebrates its 50 anniversary (1965-2015).

BLÜCHER becomes HACCP certified.
BLÜCHER becomes ISO 14001 certified.

BLÜCHER opens a sales office in China.

BLÜCHER becomes a member of EHEDG, European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group.
BLÜCHER launches a new product group: BLÜCHER® Drain Roof – a series of high quality stainless steel roof drains which in combination with BLÜCHER® EuroPipe forms a complete roof drainage system. 
BLÜCHER opens sales offices in Finland and in India.

BLÜCHER closes its storage and production facilities in Vojens in southern Denmark to consolidate production in Vildbjerg. 

BLÜCHER is acquired by Watts Industries Europe B.V., a subsidiary of Watts Water Technologies, Inc. 

BLÜCHER opens a sales office in Dubai in the Middle East. 

BLÜCHER opens sales offices in Poland, Russia and Austria. 

BLÜCHER launches its range of exclusive design drains: BLÜCHER® WaterLine. BLÜCHER is acquired by a Danish group of investors.  
BLÜCHER and Mapress Holding GmbH are acquired by Geberit AG (CH).

BLÜCHER is acquired by Mapress Holding GmbH (DE).

BLÜCHER moves to new production and administration facilities in Vildbjerg and introduces robot technology in the production.  
BLÜCHER starts production in Vojens in southern Denmark.  
VT Holding A/S (DK) takes BLÜCHER private.  
BLÜCHER opens a sales office in the Netherlands.  

BLÜCHER opens a subsidiary in Sweden, BLÜCHER Sweden AB. 

BLÜCHER becomes ISO 9001 certified.

BLÜCHER introduces a fully automatic pipe welding line.

BLÜCHER opens subsidiaries in Germany, BLÜCHER Germany GmbH, and France, BLÜCHER France SARL. 

BLÜCHER opens a subsidiary in Norway, BLÜCHER Norway AS. 

BLÜCHER Metal A/S is listed on the stock exchange.  

BLÜCHER opens its first subsidiary in England, BLÜCHER UK Ltd. 

BLÜCHER launches a bestseller: the removable water trap. 

Plumber and founder of BLÜCHER Johannes Blücher Skibild produces the first floor drain gratings and other stainless steel products.